The Work Experience team organises work experience placements for schools, colleges and academies in Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham. We would like to show you how easy it can be to become involved in work experience.

EmployersPlacements are usually for one week, any time from the beginning of Year 10, depending upon the requirements of the school.

In addition to block placements, many schools are now developing programmes for extended placements, for one or more days a week, over a period of several weeks.

Here is what one employer who provides work experience placements through Connexions thinks:

"Having recently had three young people on work experience at our Centre has proved a positive experience for our organisation as well as the young people involved."

Huffty Reah, West End Women and Girl's Centre

Pupils benefit too. Here are just two of the many comments we receive from young people taking part in work experience:

"Work Experience taught me how to communicate with lots of different people."

"Work Experience let me find out what the world of work was like."

Pupils from Edmund Campion School in Gateshead